Haiti’s school girl kidnapped, raped, murdered in latest gang leaders’s ransom attempt

JUST IN: A young Haitian student was the victim of gang violence in the Caribbean country.

WKJA local sources reported the young student named Evelyne Sincere, 22, had just taken an exam at Jacques Roumain High School in Martissant, Haiti, before kidnappers took off with her where she later was raped, murdered because her begging family couldn’t afford a ransom.

Family and local authorities say Sincere was missing since October 29, 2020 and was discovered in a pile of trash on November 1, with beaten marks, appeared to have been tortured and repeatedly raped by her kidnappers.

In a video shared by a family member, WhatsApp chat messages reveals the chilling plea by her sister to release the girl but all fail because they couldn’t come up with the $15,000 ransom.

Evelyne’s sister sharing WhatsApp messages between her and kidnappers to local media.