Back to the kidnapping of Roro Djakout: 2 bandits apprehended and 5 others wanted _ Possible [1000 gourdes] Reward

Haitian National Police deputy spokesman Garry Desrosiers revealed that HNP officers were able to capture two suspected criminals involved In the removal of the drummer and singer of Djakout #1, Rolls Lainé.

Shiller Point du Jour and another bandit, both escapees from prison, who joined the Milot Berger gang (Pouchon) were arrested and will soon be deferred before their natural judge, to answer the questions of justice.

Five other members of this dangerous gang are actively sought by the police, including Sonson, Doulit, Ti nene and the gang leader himself, Pouchon not to be confused with the main singer of the Roro group, Pouchon Duverger.

The musician, very popular in the konpa sector, was kidnapped at the end of a musical performance that his group assured on May 18, flag day at the Arcahaie, his vehicle. A Toyota Hilux pickup of blue color registered AA06702, had been found in Port-au-Prince a few hours before his escape from the hands of his captors.