Haitian artist who responded to Don Kato’s Carnival ”SEXY PENTAD” by dropping his own ” KIYES KI PAT PENTAD?” was ATTACKED in Hollywood Florida by Kato’s POSSE _ He’s thinking about PRESSING CHARGES against the Haiti Senator

Members believed to be from the Don Kato’s gang are accused of attacking Haitian singer artist Bamarassa at a South Florida nightclub. We received information from a trusted source that says Bamarassa was the Hollywood nightclub when bandits of Don Kato attacked him, almost cost him an eye, for dropping a Carnival response song called ”Kiyes Ki Pat Pentad”. Kato originally released ”SEXY PENTAD” as his Carnival early this month.

WKJ had the chance to get Bamarassa side of what took place and he claims that he ”was jumped, taken by surprise and brutally beaten.” He says this will not stop him from releasing the Official Music Video of the Carnival ”Kiyes Ki Pat Pentad”. Wapkonnjojanko.com will release the video once it is available.

Here’s the BADLY wounded pictures of Bamarassa…Pray for him:

At this point, Bamarassa is currently under treatment for his injuries. He says he is open to finding out more about what happened to him last night and will most likely considering pressing charges against the Haitian seating senator for sending his POSSE after him. Don Kato, whose real name is Antonio Cheramy, is from the group Brothers Posse.