RUTSHELLE GUILLAUME celebrated HALLOWEEN early last night in ORLANDO . . . We don’t know if it’s a COSTUME MALFUNCTION, but it looks like it doesn’t come with UNDERWEAR . . . You’ve got to see that Haitian booty PICTURES!

October 29, 2016: About last night in Orlando. Rutshelle was performing at the Bistro Paradise restaurant, formerly known as Aqua Lounge. She showed up wearing an all black costume with a see-through skirt, and to top it off, it looks like it doesn’t require to wear an underwear. Here’s  Rutshelle booty pictures of how she stepped out last night to perform in The City Beautiful. You’re welcome!

Rutshelle Guillaume LIVE on stage in Orlando’s Bistro Paradise restaurant. The event was promoted as a Halloween party. Guillaume is wearing an all black costume with a see-through skirt. Possibly wearing no undies.



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