Dad, katafal dejavou | are STILL ALIVE | the HOUGAN who has been zombified the three rap artists kreyol speaks

After a terrible accident that occurred on June 25, 2008, the three barikad crew singers had suffered a terrible car accident and returned their souls. Haiti was in mourning, nothing we can control. Where does this drama come from? Some people talk about a diabolical contract that the band would have in one way or another for the group to be on top. Many questions were asked, but it always remained a Chinese cap, because nothing was clarified.

Now one of the singers of the group who is still alive makes revelations about the death of his patriots. Kata-Dad-Dejavou are not dead. Yes ! Yes ! They are still alive. He even said that the three artists of Rap Kreyol are still there they work as investigators.

They are investigators, they work for a businessman in the capital of the country. I had asked this man to see my comrades he answered me! Be patient I will tell you a little more about your comrades, and very soon you will have the opportunity to see them. Said one of the artists who is still living barikad crew group.

Source: anonymous hougan