Trouble within team NULOOK. Rumors out guitarist STANLEY is no longer allowed in the band!

Today’s biggest competition in the world of Kompa is Nulook vs Klass. Stanley, Nulook guitarist is from a number of musical formations like #Thats7 and #Gabel, but as today Stanley may have just departed from his current band Nulook.

Rumor is out that there appears to be strong jealousy that have been going on inside the band. Accord to one of our trusted source, Stanley seemed to be bringing most of the female fans to the band because he’s young and dresses better than any other members.

That’s something we already knew that Arly, the band’s lead singer may have had problem with. So, a lot of talks that Arly had been treating Stanley very unfair that leads to this possible separation. Will Nulook still be able to keep up with Klass as both bands has 3 newly released tracks?

We’re staying on top of this developing news and will continuously update you as we learn more information.