Video: Drake and Jlo were caught french kissing at a party while you were sleeping _ fans want security to follow Rhianna in case she becomes suicidal _ Go Press Play!

The rumors about Drake and Jennifer Lopez are getting extra attention after the two were caught at a party last night. We have footage of them kissing and it don’t look like something Rhianna’s heart can handle. Riri has decided to stop following Miss Lopez after a picture of them cuddling together went viral. Now, she maybe on suicide watch because of this french kissing video.

This is picture that grabbed everyone’s attention. To make matters worse, a video is has been leaked. WATCH IT BELOW!

The picture that started it all between Drake and Jennifer Lopez. Some say its just publicity and others think its love meant to be. Your thought?

After you watch it, leave a few words of encouragement for RiRi. Here’s the video: