Former Haiti Prime minister is shot twice . . . He was RUSHED to a hospital, and his condition is CRITICAL . . . LAVALAS under attack!

November 27, 2016: Pray for Haiti Yall. Bandits have attacked and shot Haiti’s former prime minister twice. We are learning Yvone Neptune received one shot in the neck and one in the arm after some bandits open fire in Williamson Archaie.

Former prime minister Neptune

Ambulance picked up Neptune and transfer him to Port-au-Prince after receiving first treatment from Nicolas Armand hospital. The prime minister is in a stable condition as of today.

Neptune was part of the LAVALAS political party, but later formed his own he called Haiti for Haitians. No words if any arrest was made. Police says an investigation is ongoing, but some believe the crime may have been supported by his former Lavalas party.