PRAY for KANYE WEST who is now in the hospital in L.A. For what’s been happening to Weezy lately, could it really be a Kardashian CURSE?

November 21, 2016: Kanye West may be suffering from a mental illness. He was admitted to the UCLA Medical Center for evaluation. West who has been all over the news back-to-back these past few days, from canceling right in the middle of his Saint Pablo Tour, to beefing with Jay-Z and Beyonce and siding with Donald Trump where West claimed he would have voted for the Republican elected president.

According to TMZ, Kanye West was seeing one of his doctors for severe sleep deprivation. He was forced by police after he refused the physician request to get him to the hospital. Another report claims Kanye West was in handcuffs while on his way there in the ambulance, but we did not yet confirm that.

The rumors are starting to spread as well. Some are saying Kanye must be under a Kardashian spell. Because pretty much any man who dated or have been with a Kardashian has fallen to rock bottom. Guys like Tyga, Lamar Odom, Nick Lachey and Ray J just to name a few. Do you think there is a voodoo doll working against Kanye? Still, pray for him!

Meanwhile, his wife Kim is rushing to be by her husband’s side at the hospital from New York. Pray for her as well.