Rutshelle is caught being herself again _ She was in a hotel room with another USED GUY _ A man she claims she loves very much, AGAIN _ Pictures of Rutshelle naked in her USED man’s shirt inside..

Rutshelle was spotted with a new guy and she’s treating him like they have been together for some times now. In a picture she posted on Instagram, Rutshelle refers to this man, Ruddy Nau, as someone she loves very much. This right here will represent their very first picture with Rutshelle and another man since splitting up with her recent ex.

Based on what the following picture shows, you can tell Rutshelle is wearing the same shirt on picture above. The rendevous au sommet artist posted both pictures separately without acknowledge the possibility of social media finding out.

This is the picture everyone is talking about. As you can see, it is very clear Rutshelle was in a room with her new temporary partner. Why would Miss Guillaume take off a man’s shirt to cover her naked body? Nice looking hotel room by the way.