HMI Scandal: Haitian rapper is threatened by his girlfriend after cheating | She wants him DEPORTED back to Haiti over it | Now look at him crying a river for that P*SSY (Unbelievable VIDEO)

We can’t make this stuff up folks. FATAL, the ROCKFAM rapper is caught on his girlfriend’s video after he allegedly cheated. Now she wants the cry baby deported immediately back to Haiti as consequence. Wait […]


Haiti sends large delegation to help Mexico hit by earthquake and now are being criticized (VIDEO)

The Haitian government sent a large group of rescuers, doctors, food, and medicine to help the Mexican brothers for the catastrophe that triggered last week’s earthquake. We do not see it wrong because Mexico is […]


Is that what we think it is? | Blondedy’s waist trainer video tutorial FAIL | Looks like she didn’t know she dirty herself | We Smell SH*T!!!

Seems like Blondedy Ferdinand had an accident before taking off her underwear waist trainer to show her community how it works. But our snitches had their eyes further than they can see. Pay a close […]