Meet the HMI’s newest VOICE, Leicka Paul, and must listen to the HIT debut song ”Ou Kapte Mwen” JUST RELEASED! (Audio)

Earlier this week, HMI upcoming artist, Leicka Paul, introduces a sample of her debut song [Ou Capte Mwen] on social media and it got an amazing response within minutes. The wait is over as we are letting you hear it here first. Soon, we will be bringing you an exclusive interview to learn more about who Leicka Paul is and what she has in store for the industry.


She is the new voice in the Haitian music industry, Leicka PAUL. Born in Port-au-Prince, in July 1993, Leicka has music in her blood and wants to devote part of her time and her life to it. The 5th of a modest family of 6 children left Haiti in 2007 to join the rest of her family residing in the United States. Florida to be specific, where she decided to settle, that she continued and completed her secondary school before opting for her bachelor science in Nursing that she will complete this year. Between studies, daily routines she is also passionate about music and intends to make a name by offering a Single that reveals her talent and her captivating voice where she sings with the sole purpose of remaining attached to his country Haiti that she cherishes and carries in her heart.
Leicka aims to become an internationally artist who will float the national flag of the country.
She wants to adopt Compas as rhythm and musical style because, according to her, it is the dancing music of all Haitians.
Her first single entitled “Ou kapte mwen” which has just been released, is a good little piece subject to the appreciation of the general public, especially the music lovers, where she lets her heart speak through a lucid and limpid voice and especially rather haunting musical notes.
The young artist intends to refine her talent and improve each day more in order to earn the sympathy of her audience.
“Ou Kapte mwen” is this song that will resonate in the eardrums and occupy a very big part in the programming of the radios, as much at the level of the Haitian Diaspora as in the Capital and in the rest of the country without forgetting the social networks. “Ou kapte mwen” a song to listen to two and savor under the stars.