Jesus gets deported after visiting Africa over the weekend, the pastor arrested for inviting him.

The Kenyan government has taken security measures after witnessing unusual activity after a pastor from a church invited a white man, impersonating the real Jesus Christ. The congregation cheerfully welcomed the man who two pastors […]


SHOCKING images what may look like BLONDEDY Ferdinand in her Montreal hotel with unknown male LEAKED (pics)

Over the weekend in Canada, Haitian saleswoman Blondedy Ferdinand participated and performed at the Creole Music Festival in Montreal, where she stirred up controversy by dressing up like, act and sing to Beyonce music. Critics […]


Stunning pictures of Blondedy Ferdinand before the Haitian carpet reveal her rear view body makeover (PICS)

LADY IN WHITE! Facebook drama queen Blondedy Ferdinand gives followers a taste as she steps out of her Palm Beach hotel dressed head to toe in white. Ferdinand attended her first festival gig at the […]