Ajah Jdor, The Haitian nurse who went viral after kicking her boyfriend out her crib on Livestream APOLOGIZES to man’s family (PICTURE)

Less than 24 hours after the nurse who goes by the name Ajah Jdor on Facebook kicked her man out on Live, she takes time out to apologize to Anderson’s family after the biggest embarrassment during a breakup over unfaithfulness.

In the post, Ajah says she acted without knowing the consequences that would come with the exposure.

There are times we react to our emotions without realizing the consequence. I deserve everything people say, but God knows my heart and I know I’m not a bad human being for it. I ask God to forgive me and I Know y’all don’t want to hear it and y’all have right to be mad. But, I Ask all Anderson’s friends and family sorry for what I’ve done. I decided to leave social media for a while I’m sorry and life goes on God bless.

Ajah Jdor on her Facebook

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