RUTSHELLE joins the MERCHANT team. . . releases her RG brand handbag . . . It’s pretty BIG in size and cost (Photo)

Our power artist Rutshelle is ruthless with this one. She has joined the online merchant team releasing her huge new RG brand handbag. It’s a pretty big deal for an upgrade from the RG hats she released back in 2015. CONGRATS! Right?

Rutshelle is teaming up with Flav’s ‘Konviction’ brands. The two put out the news earlie today. “It’s an honor for me to welcome Rutshelle Guillaume, one of the most successful female artist in the HMI to the KON•VIC•TION Brand Family. The first product from the Rutshelle Guillaume Collection is a beautiful hand crafted Italian leather hand bag.”

Previously, Guillaume also tried to bring out her own lipstick line similar to SIRET Cosmetics, but we guess she did not want to participate in the drama surrounding this type of business like it happened for Florence and Blondedy. The RG bag is available thru KON.VIC.TION brands product for under seventy.