For international women’s day . . . RUTSHELLE takes n8k8d photos with another girl . . . Awww very cute couple (PHOTO)

Our power artist Rutshelle Guillaume is at it again. In case you did not know, today is a another day for women across the world to be recognized. It is a focal point in the movement for women’s rights. So when we saw the picture of Guillaume, we thought nothing of it. After all, it is Rutshelle’s right to be taking nude photos with women.

So who is this other woman? Ruth posted the picture with model Anyes Noel on FB and claims she herself is a model as well. The two can be seen in the picture below with heads lean together, breast-to-breast is shown half way down since it would be too explicit to publish on FB. And what about their facial expression? That tells another story. Is Rutshelle slowly crawling out the closet?

Left to Right/Model Anyes Noel & Rutshelle Guillaume