La Reine D’Haiti . . . LEAKS a video chat of a Port-Au-Prince man whose wife back in Haiti doesn’t know he’s been hiding in the closet . . . La Reine warns all

June 27, 2016: WTF! A Haitian man visiting from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti contacted La Reine for a possible relation before he leaves town. The man recently visited Orlando but just happened to miss La Reine by one Day. You can hear in the video the man said he has a wife and kids back in Haiti. As you can see, La Reine D’Haiti doesn’t seem to be interested in CLOSETED man. The openly gay man whose name on Face as La Reine D’Haiti warns all Haitian women to be very careful about who they pick to be in a relationship with. Obviously, because there is too many diseases out there. Click to play the video below.