HOLY CRIME . . . Fort Lauderdale Florida Pastor gets 10-year-old girl pregnant, then plays HIDE & SEEK in Haiti . . . THEY GOT’M!

July 2, 2016: The U.S marshall track down Raymond Vincent, 46, in Haiti, after police say he got a 10-year-old girl pregnant earlier this year then disappeared to Haiti. He was found and brought back to Fort Lauderdale to face charges. Police say Vincent was a youth pastor in South Florida.

Detectives had met with the victim after she was admitted to the Broward Health Medical Center earlier this year. Doctors say the girl came in because of a stomach pain, but they found out it’s because she was pregnant.  After they interview the child, she said Vincent molested her. Back in 2011, Vincent was also accused of molesting another child where he lured her by offering food and candy to get the child into his apartment, molested her not just once but several times, according to police.

Yesterday, Raymond Vincent was charged with one count of sexual battery on a child and one count of lewd and lascivious conduct. Police are now looking for possible other victims and asking anyone with information to contact the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.