HMI or the Haitian Music Industry RAPIDLY LOSING its musicians to SEMI-TRUCK DRIVING…claiming they don’t get paid enough to play all over the place for ALMOST FREE

Recent changes within the Haitian Music Industry due to a few musicians complaining about being under paid for their hard work. The newest person to exit the scene is a key player for Klass that goes by the name of BELKOD, who happened to take his talent to driving semi-trucks for the BIB BUCKS.

Not too long before that Prince Bobby, a former Jbeatz team singer decided to dished the scene to go drive across the States for Wal-mart. He posted the video where in it he claimed JBeatz, most of the times couldn’t afford to even hive hom $100 dollars to leave for his family after a scheduled band performance in Haiti.

This is the Live post he made after radio animator Laplanta released the names for some of the HMI artists currently driving semi-trucks. In this industry, it’s usually the band’s lead singer who gets most of the money after an event.

We tried to reach out to Klass and JBeatz camp for clarification about this trending problem in the HMI, but so far no one has given a response.