Domestic violence in Haiti involving Nice Simon from I LOVE YOU ANNE, leaves her with serious bruises and a black eye by her husband Yves Leonard (the pictures)

Update: After an aggressive argument between Nice Simon (Anne), the Mayor of Tabarre and her husband Yves Leonard, she ended up with serious injuries on her back and face. We’re still looking into the reason how she ended up with these bruises. WKJA learned it is not the first time Yves Leonard, inflicts blows and wounds to his companion Nice Simon, according to relatives.

According a local source, Nice Simon (Anne) was able to get away during the altercation and take refuge with relatives.  Right now her family is seeking the help of Haiti’s government commissioners, feminist organizations and other associations that dealt with such threat to intervene in favor of the Tabarre Mayor.

These pictures started spreading pretty fast across social media. and they show exactly how the ‘We Love You Anne’ star is looking like as of this morning when the incident took place. In the meantime, relatives are expecting a quick intervention as her attacker is looking find her, putting her life in even more danger.