“Please, I know what I did was wrong, but I’m sorry. Don’t let our 19 years together go to waste”, Haitian wife on her knees begging for forgiveness.

Couple weeks ago, these couple was spotted fighting onboard a yacht where the Haitian band Klass was performing in New York. The first video shows woman grabbing a man by the collar, swinging him across the room. The ma n who now they saying named Roland, is walking away from the relationship after 19 strong years together.

The second video shows the unknown woman or wife followed Roland to a second event where she begging for him to forgive her. The last-minute was shocking to everyone as they did not expect for a woman to bow down to any man, let alone a Haitian man. What is it with Haitian man who drives so many women across the globe crazy. This is like the third video that goes viral about Haitian woman who don’t want to lose their precious Gold gift from God.