Dominican soldiers are deployed to Haiti to protect and serve . . . They want to secure their humanitarian convoy sent for the Matthew Relief . . . But, Not everyone is happy with that!

PORT-AU-PRINCE – The Dominican soldiers deployed in Haiti to secure the humanitarian convoy sent by the neighboring republic of Haiti after the passage of Hurricane Matthew.Dominican soldiers are there in agreement with the Haitian authorities, in what was entrusted to the Nouvelliste, the head of the Dominican delegation. Information that contradicts the government, despite the presence of these men in military fatigues in several parts of the capital. The Foreign Minister, Pierrot Delian, who all rejected, hinted that it was the National Police of Haiti that protects the Dominican convoy.

Dominican soldiers are present on national soil with government approval. The rumor that circulated on the Internet for 24 hours was confirmed. Thursday at noon, a white pickup truck with several soldiers on board was seen patrolling alone at the entrance to the town of Carrefour. Direction, the camp of the coastguard, to which the Dominican Bizoton convoy moved since Wednesday. Indeed, men in military fatigues speaking Spanish, some armed with machine guns stand guard at the main gate of the camp.

An unknown number of soldiers move back and forth. Like being on any military base in Santo Domingo or Santiago de los Caballeros. Yes, replied the Dominican engineer Ramón Pepin, the question is you accompanied by soldiers. The head of the delegation, who answered questions from the Nouvelliste, says that “we have a security staff with us. A decision was taken in conjunction with the Haitian authorities. ” Except that for the Foreign Minister, it is the Haitian police provide security Dominicans.

At the daily press conference of the government, Pierrot Delian yet seemed, to tell the truth. “I was surprised to hear that in 1200 the Dominican enlisted men would be in the territory of the Republic. Well, this is not the case and it will not be the case, “the minister storm, answering questions of journalists at the Prime Minister. “This is not the case at all.The procedure is that they arrive at the border, the HNP the supports and provides support to all goods and products entering the territory of the Republic, “said the minister, who denies any agreement between the chancellery and deployment of Dominican troops.

As in 2016, the Dominican neighbors are supporting Haiti, severely affected by the hurricane Matthew. This time, it is a real show of strength. This is a fleet of 500 cars arrived at the border Wednesday. If only civilians had traveled in 2010, the neighboring country with which we have been reports rather stormy in recent years has taken the opportunity to impose a military presence with the agreement of the Haitian state. Employees of the Nouvelliste confirm noticing patrols Wednesday night in other parts of the capital.

Source: Le Nouvelliste