Haiti’s most wanted, alleged gang leader ARNEL JOSEPH leaves PNH looking like April Fools on second failed manhunt operation

Missed operation of the national police in Marchand Dessalines, in the department of Artibonite to capture Arnel Joseph, the alleged gang leader of the village of God, Port-au -Prince. The director general of the Police National of Haiti (PNH) evokes the complexity of such an intervention. Michelangelo Gideon gives the guarantee that the bandits will not be easy. He will be hunted down in their last retrenchment. Michelangelo Gideon was present this Thursday at the closing of the forum on the moment of the Haitian women, held at the convention center of the BRH.

Thursday, April 4, several units of the PNH and UN forces agents were in the locality Pierrot, to Marchand to try to capture the wanted gang leader. The operation were to be killed or wounded.

For a second time, God’s village boss challenges the PNH. In November 2018, the police institution had issued a notice of search against the gang leader, and said he had two million gourdes for anyone to help him capture him. A muscular operation was followed. Which had been a failure. The bandit had yet been noticed on February 13, circulating briskly, during a demonstration.