Haitian pastor uses Coca-Cola, Pepsi SODA products to wash off sins for his church members

Pastor in Haiti, the first black republic nation is making headlines on social networks for using soft beverages in order to help cure sins within his church members.

Prophet Mackenson Dorilas who runs a church in Port-Au-Prince, is seen on a viral video of him showering his congregation with Soda drinks. Yep! You name it, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sunkist, Sprite, even the Haitian popular brand Couronne were used to pour on top of participants head at the church last service.

The so called miraculous pastor claims people who truly believe in the spirit of the Holy Ghost would be protected from their past sins. Many of the church goers had to purchase the beverages from the church before they could be used on them. But, one member who were wise enough and who left the church during that service said “I am done with him…he’s a fake…there is no way in Heaven this is possible to cure my sins with what I’ve been consuming on a daily basis.”