HORRIFIC CRIME: Man shoots and kills his own daugher over ex-girlfriend new boyfriend moving-in together

September 20, 2016: A texas angry dad by the name of Tarel Felder has taken his own daughter’s life after learning his baby’s mother, Shonique Johnson, moving in with her new boyfriend in Louisiana. The shocking thing is, the daughter, Amyira Mi’Heaven Felder, wanted to be with her daddy and grandma and the mother were fine with her wish. “She wanted to go,” said Johnson. “She said she wanted to be with her nana and her daddy because she was missing him, and I allowed her to go.”

Felder then took his daughter to her grandma and his mother’s house. The grandma, Dorian, who later left the house for a short period of time, came back home and found her son dead but the child was only wounded. She was rushed to the hospital where they pronounced her dead.

Johnson told police her baby’s daddy Felder was very upset when she refused to get together with him in a phone conversation the two had prior to taking his own life and daughter.

Watch this video he posted on Instagram about his daughter and relationships: