The tables turned on Haitian nurse Ajah Jdor. She gets exposed as just the side chick of the guy she kicked out her house Live (DETAILS)

Big brother steps up to shed some light on what’s really going between Ajah Jdor and his little brother Anderson Brunot.

As we previously reported, Ajah is that Haitian nurse that kicks her boyfriend Anderson out her apartment for allegedly cheating on her. But, the tables have turned and now we get to know some details of what really happened.

The unidentified brother claims his little brother Anderson came to the U.S when he was very young and completed high school here. He says Anderson has been married to his wife since 2013 and they have a daughter. The wife is mostly in Haiti because of a big job and she doesn’t want to stay here in the states, so she come and go.

More of what we’ve learned, Anderson have his home in West Palm Beach and Ajah (who we now know is the side chick) lives in Boca Raton. She has two children for two different guys. He also states that she is the very jealous type because she was pressuring Anderson to divorce his wife for her.

The brother went further, expose that Ajah doesn’t take care of Anderson. He stated, “How much does an LPN earn in Florida? $ 17 per hour”, he explained. “My brother drives truck and he has a CDL A license. So Ajah is not a Registered nurse as many are thinking. Here’s what else he said on behalf of his little brother:

“He has been doing long-distance commuting across the United States for 10 years. He came to the local for the wedding. He works for the U.S. food service, and distributes food in hospitals and schools. And he has his own private business. She did what she did to ruin his marriage, so that his wife and wife’s family could know.”

Inbox message from Anderson brother on Patshow picho radio.

If we get this right, Anderson actually cheated on his wife, not Ajah the husburglar. She was just looking to steal a husband, based on what the unidentified brother have come forward with. Join in the discussions below and remember to follow WAP KONN JOJ ANKO on Facebook and Instagram.