Kim and Kanye took the spotlight away from 2 Chainz & Kesha at their renewal wedding by dressing up INAPPROPRIATE for the occasion

Inside the Gianni Versace’s mansion in Miami, Kim Kardashian with hubby Kanye West attended 2 Chainz and Kesha’s marriage renewal ceremony, and people are really going in on Kanye for the way he showed up for the Star event.

People are out trying to find out why in the hell would Kanye wore Slippers with suit to a wedding. The only problem his wife Kim was she was looking too BRIGHT to the point no one could even see the bride. Poor Kesha right? We’re not even going to touch on Lil Wayne, but here he is with Kanye at the Reception….PEEP OUT THE SLIDES.

Here’s a CLOSER look at the embarrassment Kanye and Kim made many fans feel like yesterday. But they ain’t got no worries!