HMI: Roody ROODBOY gets ROBBED after using HAITI ATM . . . The SAVAGE Bandit takes EVERYTHING from him at gunpoint.

Yesterday on Tuesday, Haitian rapper/singer Roody Roodboy was involved in a robbery after he was coming from Sogebank’s ATM by the airport in Port-Au-Prince. Out of nowhere, an armed bandit approached him and demanded everything on him.

Roody on a voice note published on WhatsApp claims the money were to be used for video project in the making. The incident took place right after he dropped off his girlfriend who recently gave birth to their new born son.

Soon as Roody and DJ Roger who was with him get in the car, a gun immediately was pointed at his head on the window, Roodboy said. ”They opened the other door, place a gun on DJ Roger’s side. Then they told me ‘F-u, give me the money that’s on you, give the  60 thousand dollars you got from the bank…don’t look at me turn your head‘, then they started searching the car for the money”. Today he dropped this music video:

According to the rapper, after giving the robbers all the money (287 thousand gourdes, they also took his girlfriend’s cell phone, her purse, his and his partner Roger’s wallet. After he begged for them to spare his life. the robbers took off running with everything. Did he fabricated the whole story just to drop his gun loaded video?