Pastor’s wife accidentally LEAKS her own sex video by sending it to the church’s public WHATSAPP group…total embarrassment

A pastor’s wife has made the ultimate mistake by sending her own nude video to a public WhatsApp group. Social media is already going crazy over the video because they couldn’t understand what a pastor’s wife doing making a self-pleasing video.

It is not clear who the intended receiver, but many are guessing it’s probably was a member of the church she may be having an affair with. Or she could have been trying to send it to her husband, the pastor. Anyhow, the video going viral all over social media and commonly on WhatsApp. So the damage is DONE!

Here’s where it gets even more shocking. In the video, you can hear a baby crying for attention in the background, but the heat of passion in pleasing herself and her receiver left no room to care for a child. We sorry we couldn’t show the video right here as Maame is shown playing with her vital parts.

Click on the link below to watch the leaked video:

[Sorry this video has not been uploaded yet]….follow this website’s Facebook page for the update on the release of the video.