Carimi band member Mikael quits…Here’s what he had to say!!!!!


Carimi band member Mikael quits…Here’s what he had to say!!!!!

Michael Guirand from the HMI band Carimi made a stunning announcement he will be taking a break. The popular Haitian band celebrated their 14th anniversary just last month, but and now since Guirand have decided to put a pause on his singing career, many are wondering what will happen after that.

We tried contacting to get more on this latest HMI news but didn’t get an answer from management. However, Michael ‘Mikael’ Guirand has release a statement earlier. Here’s what he had to say:

” Effective immediately…For personal reasons i’m gonna step away from the stage as carimi’s…This is not really something I wish to go into details with the fans and the media right now, it’s imperative that I get some time off now…Management is aware and will probably follow with a statement that clarifies the direction of the band moving forward…Our loyal fans might be disappointed but this was not an easy decision especially when I have been reliable for the past 14 years. I hope you guys understand the sacrifice that comes with being a musician in the Haitian Music Industry…Hope to see you guys soon…

God Bless

Mikael Guirand
PS: Sorry to drop it like that… it’s been a pleasure “.

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