Pipo Stanis/Klass PUSHED OFF STAGE at the Orlando Caribbean Festival . . . So Africa’s popular artist DAVIDO could play instead.

An altercation between security and the band Klass at last night’s Orlando Caribbean Festival almost sent the lead singer Pipo Stanis to jail. The incident happened after Klass was already on stage getting ready to perform..

There are several version of what actually happened last night, but after digging through our sources, we’ve found that Pipo were actually PUSHED by police in attempt to get the Haitian band Klass off the stage in order for Africa’s popular artist Davido to perform before time ran out.

Richie Klass quickly puts out a response after the incident. Richie said the event organizers gave non-Haitian artists more time to perform. He was given 10-minutes to do their thing, but he refused since whoever (non-Haitian artist) going to play after him will be given more time than that.