Haitian man ARRESTED after stopping a TRUMP SUPPORTER from continue GRABBING a young girl . . . It all happened on a public transportation bus and caught on VIDEO!

October 8, 2016: A Haitian-American man is being called a HERO after he was released from handcuffs. Moise Morancy was traveling on a bus when he witness an unidentified man repeatedly touching a young girl. he could tell the girl did not want to be touched. That’s when an altercation started and Morancy held him by the collar and introduced some zombie punches to the pervert.

“I feel distraught , I feel that this girl was so frightening and she couldn’t do anything in that moment ” Morancy said. The young woman felt very grateful and thanked him. “I didn’t second guess helping that girl, later on she gave me a hug and she gave me the roses that you see behind me”, he explained.

Morancy was also placed on handcuffs by NYPD before he was released by a black officer who called him a “HERO”. “Young black men who are even in the right could be perceived as wrong”, Morancy said. “we are so quick to turn a blind eye when a young girl is being attacked. Donald Trump is here saying that he whatever he wants to women. And here this guy is, doing whatever e want, and if wasn’t for me, maybe this girl would have been assaulted to a higher degree”