Rutshelle Guillaume and management suing over a movie about her life’s scandal

Rutshelle Guillaume and management suing over a movie about her life’s scandal

According to new release documents from an attorney for Rutshelle and her management, they are suing the film maker for the controversial movie “Vwazin nan”.


Opa Music recently spoke with Ruthshelle lawyer, Melissa P. Bernier, Esq., she explained why such action is being taken.

“Basically, the producers didn’t get Rutshelle’s (or anyone else’s) permission to do a story based on actual events that happened in their lives.  Normally when people make movies like that, they are supposed to obtain what’s called LIFE RIGHTS from the person whose life the movie is based on. Clearly they didn’t do that. Plus, they were supposed to have licensed the right to use Rutshelle’s music in the film, which of course they didn’t.

They are really just trying to capitalize on the situation without involving the people who are the only people that should be able to capitalize on the situation…namely Rutshelle, Roody and Trouble Boy. So given all of that, the movie needs to be shut down. No premieres, no screenings, no nothing. The producers’ portrayal of the story constitutes defamation and anyone involved with the film can be liable. Because of the fact that they have planned screenings in the United States, in different states, the producers have exposed themselves to liability in each state where the film was to be screened.”




We tried contacting the movie producer for a response but was unsuccessful.