Kim Kardashian is considering divorcing her husband Kanye West for her safety according to magazine

Ever since Kanye West dropped the ultimate shocker that slavery was ”a choice”, things haven’t been going his way, especially among African-Americans. Now the website, Radar, reported his wife Kim Kardashian may be considering a divorce for safety reasons.



“Kim thinks that divorce may be her only option to save herself and her children right now,” a source close to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star said.

But the mag claims that it’s not a LACK OF LOVE that’s causing Kim to consider divorce. It’s more of a safety concern. Here’s more of what they are saying:

Kanye West, 40, has been on a non-stop tweeting tirade for the past several weeks, and even admitted to undergoing liposuction and abusing painkillers. But after the rapper said during a live TV interview that “slavery was a choice,” his family has been getting threatened online by people related to dangerous gangs.

“Kim is so scared right now and these threats are totally bringing her back to her Paris robbery in a big way,” the insider told Radar.

“Everyone tells Kim that she needs to leave him, and she thinks that it may be coming to that point.”

Kim and her children are currently with Kanye in Wyoming as the rapper puts the finishing touches on an upcoming FIVE albums he’s about to put out.

It’s been a crazy week for the entire family, as Kanye continues to prove that he is UNHINGED, and cannot be contained. Hopefully they’ve all upped their security and are keeping safe, despite Kanye’s “free thinking.”