Orlando promoter died after attending Haitian Compas Festival opening weekend

An Orlando woman has died after being hit by a car on I-95 on her way back from a popular event in South Florida. This is what we learned.

The woman, Reberta Jusme, 32, who reportedly attended an event where Haiti’s former President Michel Martelly’s sons Dro & Yani was performing when things went totally wrong on stage.

The Haitian Music Industry is mourning her passing after she was allegedly pushed by security at club 84 Lounge (formerly known as Club Karu) in Fort-Lauderdale. Reberta Jusme is the Music Manager for Dro and Yani Martelly who allegedly refused to get off the stage after their time to perform ended. As security struggled to remove the brothers, somehow Jusme was pushed, fell and stepped on.

Club 84 Lounge security struggles to remove Dro & Yani Martelly off stage

According various reports by Haitian medias, the promoter sustained injuries to her arms, attempted to drive herself to a hospital and got involved into a car accident. It is now being questioned how she ended up instead on I-95 near Melbourne where she was struck on foot by another car after two good samaritan men helped her out of her crashed car. She was pronounced dead at a local hospital.