New Jersey Haitian mother sentenced to 45 years in prison . . . What she did to her child and the reason she did it is SHOCKING!

July 27, 2016: We are just learning about a hearing that took place in Irvington New Jersey. This 34-year-old mother whose name is Krisla Rezireksyon Kris has been sentenced to 45 years for starving her 8-year-old daughter to death. Just wait till you hear her reason why she did it.

Kris, who was born as Venette Ovilde, was charged and found guilty early this year for aggravated manslaughter for her daughter Christiana Glenn in May 2011. According to reports, Kris had other children in the house, one 7-year boy and another girl as well, but unfortunately, only Christiana didn’t make it out of mistreatment. After an investigation, the cause of Christiana’s death was due to starvation that led to a broken femur (it’s a large bone in the thigh).

Before the sentence, Kris begs the court not to give her all that time, she said she was influenced by her religion the way she was raising her 3 kids. That knocked off 5 years of the 50 she was promised to serve. ”From the time my children were born, I became a devoted single mother,…..My children are everything to me and I love them very much. I was focused on working towards providing a good life for them,” she said.

Kris was charged with endangering because she withheld food from all three children, physically assaulted them, tied them to a radiator, forced them to kneel on salt with heavy objects on their heads, withheld medical care and left them home alone for extended periods of time. What’s even more shocking? Her own other daughter told the judge she hope her mother don’t see the light of day. Must have been pretty bad living in that house.

Source: ABC7