Haitian ZOE shoots 2 women dead, leaves 1 child on life support and apologizes on social media while Florida police look for him!

Police in Polk County Florida are hunting down Ernst Cherizard, 38, who is accused of killing 2 women and shooting a child, leaving her on life support.

The shooting took place Citrus Ridge Apartments in Haine City, Florida near Orlando. According to police, Cherizard fled the crime scene in a Nissan Altima with tag #GZN C82 and his car last seen leaving a toll booth in Boyton Beach heading southbound.

Cherizard took the life of his girlfriend Eli Normil, 23, her aunt Nicole Guillume, 48, and 6-year-old Isabella Frenel who is current listed on extreme critical condition after she was shot 3 times with one shot that went through her head.

“It’s disgusting to say the least,” said Haines City Police Chief James Elensky. “I can’t say what I’d like to say about him, but that’s why all I am going to tell you is he’s a male, not much of a man to shoot a child and 2 females. Not much of a man there.”

Cherizard posted on social media while on the run. He expressed how depression may have contributed after not having to see his daughter for nearly 4 years and losing his own mother as well. He had no previous criminal history.