The cause of death for former Haiti president Rene Preval autopsy results are in _ Come to find out _ he didn’t die of a heart attack…

We now learning the real cause of death for Haiti’s two-term former president Rene Preval. They’re saying he didn’t die from a heart attack.
The autopsy in a foreign lab became necessary after several tests in Haiti could not ascertain the exact cause of the president’s death.
“Speculations that he was poisoned has been confirmed by the autopsy as many people were talking about the possibility of Préval being poisoned”, District Attorney Danton Leger told a group of Haitian journalists in explaining why he’d opened an investigation into the two-time president’s death.
When the 74-year-old died March 3 at a suburban Port-au-Prince hospital, the cause of death initially was cited as cardiac arrest.  An autopsy was conducted this week at the request of Préval’s widow, Elisabeth, in the presence of Leger and his deputy.
Its results could not confirm cardiac arrest, more commonly known as a heart attack, though it ruled out a brain hemorrhage or stroke. An investigation has been launched to look into the meals the former president took prior to his death.