Rapper Drake proposes to Serena…guess where!!!!!


Serena Williams just proved she’s got even more power off the court after Drake proposed to her. This is looking at like a BIG surprise because they have only been dating for just months.

No one really know or has confirmed this latest news of the two superstars since Serena likes to keep her personal life private, but sources are taking it as a ”YES”.

An Unknown close source to OK magazine reportedly saying ” She said Yes, but they want to keep it on the down-low for now”. So who is this source? And how credible is their story? Apparently  Drake proposes to Serena after taking her to his home country Canada, said the magazine.

drake_serena 4

We have to wonder if Drake and Serena know that the news is out there. Of course they know about it. This is how most celebrity news come out in the public’s eyes and ears; isn’t it? Other sources also telling us that Serena friends think of Drake as a ”true gentleman” and they are very happy for her. Everyone is looking forward to the wedding day.

drake_serena 2


We all know Hollywood relationships doesn’t last long even after wedding. Drake and Serena was once together and broke up in 2011. This time he plans to keep her.