Hip-hop Creole rapper Wendyyy BLAST the “ROODSHELLE” critics…..Did he go too far??


Welcome to the HMI, the Haitian Music Industry. Rapper Wendyyy of Leoganne, Haiti is coming out with a response over the Roody Roodboy and Rutshelle Guillaume controversy happened just the past few days.


When we first started sharing recent photos of Rutshelle and Radio host Carel Pedre, some took the way Rutshelle acted in the photos were inappropriate towards Roodboy and even blame her for the social media’s bashing of her character.


But not everyone was unhappy with Guillaume. Her now to believe ex-boyfriend Roody Roodboy is also taking some heat for posting his separation with Guillaume on Instagram. Here’s the post that started it all :

Via Instagram

Via Instagram

After all the negativity on social media regarding the breakup,  WKJA have learned about recent comments made by Hip hop Creole rapper Wendyyy who posted this on his Facebook in effort to quiet all the back and forth criticism over what WKJA now labelled “ROODSHELL”:


Translation: ”Just a little question…you whose laughing, are you not ROODY?…what about the girl you have in your hand, she’s

not going to RUTSHELLE you? What you about you females criticizing RUTSHELLE….don’t you have a TROUBLE BOY

on your WHATSAPP F**king you(DJOUKEW) on your man you have too?..tou much RUTSHELLE criticizing

RUTSHELLE…..too much ROODY laughing at ROODY

Do you think Wendyyy’s comments were defensive or offensive? Comment your thought below or on our Facebook page.