You remember that MADE IN HAITI Coffin airplane? The one that looks like it can REALLY take you to HEAVEN faster? Well….Somebody BOOKED it for first class!

December 1, 2016: Earlier this year we posted on Facebook a coffin made in Haiti in the form of a plane, and now it’s ready for non-stop flights. A young talented Haitian engineered this new popular way to depart life in the back of his own back yard. Someone reached out to him to buy one to bury a family member.  This funeral took place in Sanoix, Haiti in Artibonite, first section of Marchand Dessalines.

The family saw our post earlier this year about the coffin airline and wanted to send their love one that past  away in style. They even hired an attendant to keep the death trans-air spotless. Now that’s how you suppose to send somebody special away. Share this!