Trump once gave a BIG CHECK to an undocumented Haitian woman…still didn’t win her support.

Most people see Donald Trump as not a people person especially when it comes to immigrants. But, believe it or not he once gave thousands of dollars to a Haitian woman who lost both arms in the 2010 Haiti 7.0 earthquake so she could live comfortably in the U.S.

During surgery at a New York hospital, Trump met Darline Bertil who her roof collapsed on her in Haiti. Days after that, Bertil received a huge amount of check from Donald Trump who were moved by her conditions.

It was great gesture indeed. Although Bertil did not disclose the exact amount on the check, she seemed very grateful. “It was a huge check…You could buy a new car with it. But I had other things in mind. I had to help out my family in Haiti and my church. I had to give God part of it.”

Still Bertil says she didn’t feel any different about how she feel about Trump’s view on undocumented immigrants. “I don’t know if I support him,” she said, thinking of his controversial comment about immigrants. “His comments are very hurtful. I hope God makes the best decision for this country.”. “It was a gesture, a symbol of his generosity,” Bertil said. “I only know him from his gesture. He was generous to me as an immigrant “.