RUTSHELLE gets a little too JEALOUS, says no one was there for her after her 3rd ex Roody ROODBOY victimized her, just like Leonard and Nice Simon going through

During a Ticket Magazine interview, singer Rutshelle Guillaume slams mostly women for not standing with her at the time when her ex-boyfriend Roody Roodboy hit her back in 2015.

This comes just days after photos of Tabarre Mayor Nice Simon released, showing her injuries after a fight with her husband Yves Leonard. The images quickly went viral on social media and since then, the spotlight is on Nice Simon, the actress from the classic hit movie, I Love You Anne.

Many are saying Rutshelle is acting way too jealous towards ‘Anne’, noting that in her case was a different story. Rutshelle also claiming the only person who reached out to her during that time was not even a Haitian woman.