WARNING: New immigration I-form asking Green Card holders to surrender their status upon returning to the United States _ Here’s what happens when you sign this form (form attached)

This extremely IMPORTANT. Even if you are not part of the countries that are banned under Trump’s executive order, you should be aware of this. U.S immigration website has a new form that may help them get you to give up your status as a Lawful Permanent residence(Green Card). Here is the notice everyone is passing around to keep you and your loved ones together:

If anyone you know is coming into this country, tell them not to sign this – this form strips you of your residency. People might get bullied into signing this. It seems right now that customs agents are looking at green card holders on a case by case basis – so make sure you or someone you know doesn’t sign this. In general, even if you’re not from the affected countries, don’t sign this if they give it to you. https://www.uscis.gov/i-407.  If you are a non-citizen from one of the seven countries named, and you are OUTSIDE of the U.S., you will face issues at the airport upon attempting to re-enter the US. IF YOU ARE ASKED TO SIGN AN I-407 AT THE AIRPORT OR BORDER DO NOT SIGN IT, ASK FOR THE SUPERVISOR WHO HANDLES LPR ADMISSIONS. If you sign it, you will be giving up your green card.

The purpose of this form:
Use Form I-407 to let us know that you have decided voluntarily to abandon your status as a lawful permanent resident of the United States. We will then update your records to show that you are no longer a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR).

If you are a green card holder (lawful permanent resident) outside of the U.S. please reach out to an immigration attorney before you travel back to the U.S.
If you do plan to travel back to the US, you should fill out a USCIS G-28 form first that officially appoints an attorney to represent you in immigration situations and have that completed form with you as you board your flight. The refugee program is being halted immediately, for at least 120 days. This will mean that anyone, anywhere in the process, will not move forward. The effort to resettle Syrian refugees in the U.S. is being halted indefinitely.

If you are non-citizen, even green card holder (lawful permanent residents), from one of the seven countries named, and you are ALREADY INSIDE the U.S., plan to DELAY all international travel for at least 90 days. IF YOU LEAVE YOU ARE LIKELY TO BE DENIED RE-ENTRY.

Whether you are a citizen or not, do not permit law enforcement to enter your home without a warrant. Even if they have a warrant, you should consult with an attorney before speaking to them. Get copies of business cards of all law enforcement officials.

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