Prince HARRY showing his ROYAL OATS in his Haiti T-shirt. He’s got MOVES like a true HAITIAN (Video)

Days after their royal wedding, Prince Harry was spotted at a cultural event wearing a Haiti T-shirt in support of the band playing.

In case you missed the stunning ring the prince got his princess Meghan Markle, here take a CLOSE-UP look at the royal ring:

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The blue stone was particularly poignant because of its marked resemblance to the jewellery collection owned by The Princess of Wales, and Kate’s own engagement ring, which of course once belonged to her late mother-in-law. The tanzanite pendant, a piece from royal jewellers G Collins and Sons, has been worn by the Duchess on a number of occasions over the years – matching beautifully with her other sparkling blue pieces.(source:hello magazine)

The prince is known to be enjoying himself as a happy person and it’s no wonder seeing him acting silly most of the times.

Here are some pictures from the ceremony: