Haitian Court slaps Prophete Mackenson Dorilas with a temporary BANNED from his Church and he’s NOT EVEN ALLOWED to talk to Social Media after weeks of false preachings

Marckenson “Prophète” Dorilas facing some serious threats from local authorities in Haiti. They just finished working on his case and it’s not looking good. The “prophet” as he calls himself, who boiled the web and local religious leaders after prescribing bedbugs treatment against AIDS and inciting his followers to practice prostitution in order to feed their family have been banned from further preaching.

After three long hours of hearing, the ministry, recalling that Marckenson Dorilas has no legal recognition and does not appear in the Ministry’s log book, has decided to forbid the “prophet” to function. “He has no right to speak either to his church or on social networks until he has provided the documents attesting to his studies in theology and his right of oath,” he said. in a firm tone, Suffering Evans, General Manager. “It’s an understanding, attentive and collaborative Marckenson” who left the ministry’s premises, said Souffrant.

In a frank month, continues the DG who says he shows “his good will to help him”, he must formulate a legal request to function and must comply with the requirements that were made to him. He warns that if he continues to swear not before meeting the legal criteria to do so, Marckenson Dorilas will fall under the law.