Woman gets stab, almost lose her life over a “QUICKIE” on POF dating site

Woman who goes by social media name De Generous Queen finds out it wasn’t a good idea to invite a complete stranger in her house for a two-minute quickie.

“Today I was stabbed in my own home from A guy I met off POF I invited him to my home to chill and he tried to kill me I’m using this as a testimony to help others be careful when meeting ppl off these dating APPS I almost lost my life today please keep me in your prayers ? a quick nut isn’t always worth it ??”

Here’s what really happened. Apparently, they were both doing just fine in the bed until the man invited over found out SHE was really a HE in the bed with him…Yep a transgender.

From there things got out hands and he ended up stabbing the now woman under her chin and leg. Be careful out there on these dating websites so you don’t end up like this or even worse.