HOLY CHEAT . . . a Haitian pastor in West Palm Beach leaves his wife for her best friend . . . the Godmother of their child . . . We need ORDER in the church!

July 11, 2016: OK, there is a BIG drama that’s breaking out in West Palm Beach, Florida. A pastor has come forward to announce his new relationship with his mistress, the Godmother of his child. Its a long story, but we’re going to break it down to you very short.

Pastor Steven Simon from StraightWay International church in West Palm Beach is getting a lot of backslash for leaving his wife for her best friend. According to a very trusted source, pastor Simon was married to his wife Emma and had two children. Here’s what you’ll need to look out for; pastor Simon was involved in a road rage incident where he was shot in the head. That happened while he was cheating on his wife who was at home at the time taking care of their newborn.

911 call that was released reveals that a woman was in the background calling him ”baby”. But no one knows who that woman was. Let’s talk about the mistress, Tracey. She is the Godmother of his newborn. Tracey was the best friend of his wife Emma, also a bridesmaid in her wedding. Some friend she is right? That’s not all! Tracey became pregnant for pastor Simon who he forced to have an abortion, an attempt to save his marriage with Emma. At this point, things got too much to bear for his wife. Since Simon continued to have an affair with Tracey, they finalized things with a divorce.




Now Simon has married Tracey and announced publicly a future ceremony. YEP, the whole congregation knows about it, even congratulating them on their new journey. But how can Pastor Simon claim it’s the will of God on both marriages?  A picture worths a thousand words. Check them out below.

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