We are not trying to start no drama _ but this is disturbing _ Haiti Clinic hires Rutshelle to do a condom commercial _ We don’t know about you BUT we think they are trying to tell her something _ Come listen to Rutshelle’s SEX advice (VIDEO)

A company called Village Sante in Haiti just released their safe sex advertising featuring Rutshelle Guillaume advising potential sex addicts to always use a condom.  In it, the woman Roody Roodboy had accused of cheating on him tell her followers the different type of diseases that are out there and should use a condom every time they are about to have sex.

Like we said, we not trying to start anything, but isn’t it alarming to pick an artist like Rutshelle to do a condom commercial? Quite frankly, we believe this was a very smart move by the Health Village. They knew very well that she would be the best person to represent sex addicts.

Please wear those condoms. Here’s the tv ad by Village Sante featuring one of our power artist, Rutshelle. How did she do? Pass on this message:


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