HMI: The promoter for Kompa in Vegas slams Haitian band Harmonik & Michel Martelly for not showing up for his event which he paid for _ Didn’t even bother to give a last minute notice!

Harmonik is under fire once again for not showing up at another event. They were supposed to perform at the 5th annual Kompa in Vegas on Saturday, but when the promoter Nathan Fragelus called them to see what the problem was, no one picked up. Even former President of Haiti Michel Martelly was scheduled for the event did not show up. Last year, Fragelus says he paid Martelly $45k to perform at the event and now he failed to show up as a guest artist.

Fragelus, who is the founder of Destination Konpa says he paid room and flight for Harmonik, still, no explanation was given to why the no show. He gave his supporters an emotional apology and even offers them a refund because he knew they came all the way to Vegas to see the bands play.

WKJA staff tried to reach out to the Harmonik camp, and just like the promoter got, no answer.